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Oil on canvas 



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"Diversity" is a vivid oil painting that celebrates the breathtaking array of nature's blooms, showcasing a tapestry of different flowers intertwined in vibrant hues. Each blossom embodies a unique essence, mirroring the beauty found in the rich tapestry of human diversity. The canvas bursts with a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, symbolizing not only the variety of flora but also the mosaic of cultures, perspectives, and identities in society. It serves as a visual ode to the intricate and harmonious interplay of differences, illustrating the inherent splendor found in embracing diversity in all its forms.



Oil on Canvas / 120x90cm / 2018

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This painting born cause I wanted to celebrate nature. I started combining flowers in a geometric shape, tying them into a single bouquet to fit the composition nicely in the canvas. While creating the composition though, flowers where going everywhere, not holding the specific position I wanted them to be. I thought nature was protesting and resisting on me, much like flames of a fire, ultimately looking for freedom. That's where I decided to call it "Flames", as tribute to both how those flowers were feeling in that moment and to what the final composition looks like.


with Kindness

Oil on canvas

60x100 cm


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The painting is an allegory representing women's attitude towards love and trust.
Sometimes, this attitude is so naturally present in women to make them - or choose to be- blind and deaf, especially when they fall in love.

Another peculiarity of this painting: the composition has been designed to work no matter how the viewer rotate the painting as further depiction of how this condition is often time permanent.




Oil on canvas

40x40 cm


Falling to Pieces / Oil on Canvas / 100x100 cm /  2012

  • available 

Like A Bird / Oil on Canvas / 100x70cm / 2013


Oil on canvas



Window / Oil on Canvas / 100x60 cm / 2013

Kate / Oil on Canvas / 40 x 60 cm / 2014

Sicilia / Oil on Canvas /20x30 cm / 2012

Calabria / Oil on Canvas / 20x30 cm /2012


"The Last", oil on canvas, 100x50 cm, 2013

  • available 

Broken hearts

Oil on Canvas 



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Oil on canvas




"Roman noon", oil on canvas, 50x50cm, 2014 

  • available 

"Umbria", oil on canvas, 40x40 cm , 2012

  • available 

"Roma", oil on canvas, 50x50 cm, 2011


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