Private Projects

Realizations for final clients


Guest Apartment, Vicenza, 2017

B&B apartment located in the historic center of Vicenza.
A city in northeastern Italy. It is in the Veneto region, approximately 60 kilometres west of Venice 


Renovation Project of an Old Farm, Masseria “Giulia”, Puglia, Italy

Accommodation facility for holidays in Puglia regione, southeastern Italy


A masseria is a fortified farmhouse found on the estates in the Puglia region and typically built in the 16th century. It is a complex of buildings generally running along two sides of a central high-walled courtyard. 


Private Apartment

Two-bedroom apartment, Vicenza, Italy


Venetian Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is a flooring technique and style, originating from the 16th century’s Venice and Veneto (Italy) that became popular in the early Nineties worldwide.

 It is made from ground stone and marble. From 1800 up to now, the technique is still the same.


Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Asiago, Italy, 2020

Mountain Restaurant in Asiago, a town at the edge of the Dolomites in Veneto. 


Private Apartment

Jesolo, Italy


Two-bedroom apartment. New construction in Jesolo, a seaside resort town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Venice.


Fuksas Studio

In collaboration with studio FUKSAS 2010-2014

3D Visualization & Project development

Refurbish of the Ex Unione Militare Building, Rome, Italy, 2012

United Colors of Benetton new concept store

Duomo Tube Station, Naples, Italy, 2013

Fuori Salone Internazionale del Mobile, “Bathing in Light” exhibition. “Asia” installation of Turkish marble, Art Garden of Superstudio Piu, Milan, Italy, 2013

(all projects were published in “FUKSAS OBJECT” book in 2014. Actar Publishers, New York)


Furniture design for IS MOLAS golf resort. 2010

 Chandelier Moony for Murina. 2011

Girsy Jewelry for Sicis. 2013   

Furniture design for United Colors of Benetton, 2012

Furniture design for IS MOLAS. 2010

Dolly Armchair for Baxter. 2013

(all products were realized and published in “FUKSAS OBJECT” book in 2014. Actar Publishers, New York)


Custom Projects

In collaboration with different studios

3D Visualization & Project development  

Studio Traverso-vighy Architetti, Vicenza, Italy, 2010

Thesis project - Temporary Hotel, Milan, Italy, 2009


Private Villas, Morocco
CODING srl, General engineering & planning, Rome, Italy, 2012


Private House

VNK design, Russia, 2008

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