Children's Book Illustrations

A collection of illustrations designed for children's books, posters, and graphic novels. This section comprises comprehesive full-story compositions and character depictions inspired by classicfairy tales and beloved literary figures.

Mixed media illustrations seamlessly blend traditional and digital methods. Elements are initially hand-drawn with graphite pencils on paper and later refined and arranged using graphic design software. This process combines the tactile charm of traditional techniques with the precision of digital tools, resulting in captivating and versatile visual creations. It provides a unique approach to the creation of artwork, appealing to a wide range of audiences.



Versatile Animal Illustrations

This series of illustrations features animals dressed in human attire and accessories. These versatile characters can be usedinto a range of projects, from postcards and packaging to home decor

Mixed media illustrations: Each element is initially drawn with a graphite pencil on paper. Objects are then colored, corrected, cut out, and composed with the help of graphic design software.




cushions / wallpaper / curtains / furniture / crockery / vases / tablecloths


Ink Illustrations


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Blending Tradition and Technology: The World of Mixed Media Illustrations

Mixed media illustrations are a captivating and innovative form of artistic expression that seamlessly blend traditional and digital techniques. In this creative process, each element of the composition starts as a hand-drawn sketch using a graphite pencil on paper. This traditional approach allows artists to infuse their artwork with a sense of tangible authenticity and the rich textures that paper and pencil can provide.

Once the initial drawings are complete, the artwork is then transformed in the digital realm. Graphic design software comes into play to add vibrant colors, correct any imperfections, enhance details, and refine the overall composition. This digital stage allows artists to experiment with various color palettes, shading techniques, and special effects, bringing out the full potential of the artwork.

One of the unique advantages of this mixed media approach is the ability to cut out and arrange various elements of the artwork with precision. Artists can create intricate and harmonious compositions by arranging and layering their hand-drawn elements in a digital workspace. This process provides flexibility and opens up new creative possibilities, enabling artists to achieve a level of precision that might be challenging to achieve solely through traditional means.

The combination of traditional and digital methods in mixed media illustrations results in visually striking and deeply engaging artworks. It showcases the seamless integration of analog and digital artistry, offering a dynamic and captivating visual experience for both the artists themselves and the audience. This fusion of techniques not only expands the creative horizons for artists but also provides viewers with a fresh and unique perspective on the world of art.

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Join me as I use the classic medium of graphite pencil to create this captivating scene. Watch as the characters slowly come to life on the blank paper, with each pencil stroke adding personality and charm.




Takeone look at my illustrations andyou’ll see that I love to create animals in human clothes. 

Thistime in ADOBECREATE MAGAZINE I share my "behind thescenes" with you! From pencil sketch to full color illustratedcomposition. In the following series of screen-capture videos, I demonstratehow I transform several hand-drawn, monochrome elements—a dog’s head and humanclothes and accessories—into one cohesive colored illustration. 

Pleasecheck out the link to learn more! 

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