Realist painter Victoria Novak began her artistic career as an interior designer in her native Russia, where she graduated from the Academy of Arts.

After a few years as a successful designer, she moved to Europe where she earned a Master Degree in Interior and Living Design from Domus Academy in Milan. After that, she started working in the studio Fuksas in Rome.

A move to Rome, where her love for Italian Renaissance developed, inspired Victoria to devote herself to painting. Of adopting the time-honored techniques, Victoria says: “At first it was more out of curiosity, but in the end, I discovered a method that helps me to realize my ideas in the most satisfying way.”

Working with incredible attention to detail, colour and form, Victoria paints portraits and still lifes that deliver drama and beauty in organic, natural ways.  

She currently lives in Italy, where she continues to develop as an artist and illustrator. In 2018 she became an Adobe Partner joining the “Start with Stock” program for Adobe Stock.

Victoria’s work has been featured in “International Artist Magazine”, “American Art Collector” and included in numerous juried exhibitions. 

Her paintings can also be found in private collections in Russia, Malta, Italy, Switzerland and the U.S.  

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I would like to invite you to my home studio and show you my daily routine as a full-time artist. In this video, I will share with you some tips and tricks to use before framing your oil painting.Let’s spend together a bit of time making pleasant and joyful things, and take a break from such a busy world

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