I am on Youtube with My own 2021 Bullet Journal

Here are some FREE digital textures for your 2021 Bullet Journal: Dowload the free digital textures

Instead, click at this link if you want to buy the “deer” illustration you see in the video: Deer illustration

Today I am very happy! My Youtube Channel is now live! Click here to see my Youtube Channel

I wanted to have my own Youtube Channel for a while now, but I’ve never felt was the right time to do it, nor I knew how where to start…

I didn’t want the classic how-to videos as there are many on the internet…I wanted something that felt capable of delivering my philosophy to life as well as act as an inspiration trigger for those in need. 

When you watch my videos you’ll notice that they are different from the standard how-to videos and art tutorials: that’s intentional, as I am trying to transfer you the feeling and artistic inspiration that moves me while keeping them educational. 

 I believe that if you’re having fun and have the right inspiration during the learning process, you learn better. That’s why my videos can be watched in two ways, as art tutorials or as inspirational videos to play when you need a boost. 

I am proud to have launched my Youtube Channel, sharing with you my experience of how to make your 2021 artistic Bullet Journal: take your time to watch it, it’s less about technique and more about getting the inspiration to make your bullet journal become live and get ready for a well organized 2021.

 I hope you will and join and that it will help you create your own 2021 Bullet Journal. 

Ah, don’t forget: for those who subscribe to my channel here, I have prepared a couple of amazing digital textures that you can download and use privately (not commercial license) for FREE!

Put on the Dog

Take one look at my illustrations and you’ll see that I love to create animals in human clothes. 

This time in ADOBE CREATE MAGAZINE I share my “behind the scenes” with you! From pencil sketch to full color illustrated composition. In the following series of screen-capture videos, I demonstrate how I transform several hand-drawn, monochrome elements—a dog’s head and human clothes and accessories—into one cohesive colored illustration. 

Please check out the link to learn more! 

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