Put on the Dog

Take one look at my illustrations and you’ll see that I love to create animals in human clothes. 

This time in ADOBE CREATE MAGAZINE I share my “behind the scenes” with you! From pencil sketch to full color illustrated composition. In the following series of screen-capture videos, I demonstrate how I transform several hand-drawn, monochrome elements—a dog’s head and human clothes and accessories—into one cohesive colored illustration. 

Please check out the link to learn more! 

I’ll become an #AdobePartner joining the “Start with Stock” program for @AdobeStock

I’m happy to share with you exciting news, I’ll become an #AdobePartner joining the “Start with Stock” program for @AdobeStock. Here is my interpretation of being an artist. Being able to see how a sketch or an idea turns into a finished piece or physical product is awesome! 11 months of creativity, fun and new experiences are ahead… so exciting!  #AdobeStock 

Every month I will publesh one post on my Instagram page. Stay tuned!  https://www.instagram.com/victoria_novak/

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